how can i make a wedding with a $3000 budget?

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how can i make a wedding with a $3000 budget?
16 Jul 2007
i am so stressed because we only have $3000 for our wedding and thats like nothing..everything is so expensive for weddings..any help???
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25 Aug 2007
try charming chapel in norcross and also theres winfield hall in duluth which is a big step up from charing chapel but they have a budget package and a room b which is the smallest of the two they advertise with a buffet style reception for 25 per person 80 people in room max is 90 people or else it gets to be to uncomfortable and te deposit is only 2oo and u multiply the 25 by 8O or 90 people if not having any luck after those two sites contact be my email at
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20 Aug 2007
let me know if you need a dj my finace is one and he can work with you, i know how you feel, my budget is 4k.

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11 Aug 2007

I'm on a small budget too and it's very frustrating. Try finding a gently usded weding dress. You can save a good amount there. Goodwill is a good start. With my dress and krinolin (which still had the tags on it) I saved about $450 by checking out different Goodwill stores.

If you're going to purchase a wedding cake, try Publix. For a 3 tier cake that feeds 60 or so people, you're looking at $200 plus tax.

I'm getting married in October, so to save a little on flowers, I'm going to pull some cheaper fall elements into my reception, like dried leaves and pinecones. Think of some creative alternatives so you can use less flowers.

Tuxedos: We just found a great deal on them from Men's Warehouse. The sales rep told me about an online coupon that will save $20 per person. For everything (shoes, jacket, shirt, vest, pants, socks, cuff links tie and taxes) we're spening about $70 each. If you have a certain number in the wedding party, you get the groom's free.

For dresses, give yourself some extra time to order, otherwise you'll pay more for rush fees--Learn from my mistakes--apparently 10 weeks isn't long enough.

Hope this helps a little
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06 Aug 2007
I doing my wedding on a 5,000 buget. You have to do a lot of looking on the internet. E-mail me I can tell you how.
RE: kristay8372
25 Jul 2007
The photography information was great! Thank you.
RE: Anonymous
19 Jul 2007
I planned my wedding on a $5000 budget and it wasn't easy. I did have to skimp on a lot of things I would have liked to have had, but it wasn't a big deal. I agree with trying to use a public park, etc. Also with inviting less people.

Here are my other suggestions:

*There's no need to spend a lot of money on flowers. A single long stemmed large calla lily (or something like it) is very dramatic for bridesmaids to carry down the aisle. Also the table centerpieces don't have to be floral at all. I used ginger jar-type vases and wrapped them in white organza and hot-glued a satin ribbon in sage (my color) at the top to hold the organza in place. I put a single 3x3 pillar candle inside and it makes for a really nice glow when lit. I used the same silk flower petals as I used for the flower girls to sprinkle on the table around the candle. It was really pretty and I actually got some compliments on it.

*Search the Martha Stewart site for do-it-yourself ideas.

*Print your own invitations, maps, etc. If you require an RSVP card, go with a post card style. That will save you some extra postage cost.

*A sit down meal is less expensive than a buffet. Sounds backwards, but true. With buffets people serve themselves and get more than they really want therefore leaving a lot of waste and less food for others. Meaning you have to pay extra per person to account for the over eaters. You also have to have more staff to attend to the food and table to make sure it stays nice and clean. Sit down dinners can be inexpensive if you skip the appetizer, just have a salad and a chicken or vegetarian entree and serve the wedding cake for your dessert. Just know that if you offer a choice of entree your caterer will charge you based on the more expensive meal. Of course, if you have more people ordering the less expensive meal than the more expensive one, it's time to renegotiate with the caterer. BUT... this way you know up front what the cost is per person and that everyone will be served without missing out on something that others decided to serve themselves too much with. You can add in the cost of tea, water, soda or coffee so no surprises there either.

*Depending on your venue you may only be able to serve beer and wine (if any alcohol at all). This will save you money. Unless you are supplying the alcohol yourself, pay by the PERSON, not by the bottle or by the drink. Even if you know a lot of people don't normally drink, this changes when alcohol is free. They'll drink more than you think they will. Again, this will give you an up front cost versus a shock afterwards of how much people drank. Do NOT pay uncorking fees if you are supplying the alcohol yourself and check with the place you purchase the alcohol for their unopened bottle return policy.

*If you have a person in your family that's a great baker, maybe they could make your wedding cake for you (as their wedding gift to you).

*Negotiate with vendors to get rid of cake cutting fees, butlering fees, etc. Those are charges that you just shouldn't have to pay. I didn't.

* If you really want an appetizer for the cocktail hour, etc., have it butlered, not self serve. You're already paying for the service, put it to use and save money on the amount of appetizers served.

*If using a civic site for your wedding/reception, make sure the site has adequate electrical power, check for beverage and time restrictions. Check to see if there are seating areas with tables or if you'd have to rent them (an extra cost). You'll also need to check with your caterer about their requirements for kitchen/electrical, as well as checking with your entertainment. (Private organizations also rent out their halls and can be inexpensive but have the space/hours/facilities you need.) Make sure you have apropriate facilities for your senior and disbaled guests as well.

* If you're having your event at a ho
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18 Jul 2007
thank you so much for your help i will take it in consideration..
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17 Jul 2007
wow, $3000 really isnt much, but its alot at the same time!
For your ceremony or reception, try doing it at a park. Its usually free or dirt cheap.
Remember the less people you invite, the more you can have...sounds unfair, but i invited over 200 to my wedding, and i wish i had only had about 20.
Immediate friends and family makes it more intimate.
Also, if you want fresh flowers, try to find them wholesale.
Otherwise they will be SUPER expensive.
Or just go with some NICE silk flowers.
Try to find a local craft store for nice ones.

Good luck!
RE: Anonymous
16 Jul 2007
Hi Monica,

I am stressing trying to do it with $5000 so I know you are pulling your hair out. When is your wedding? These are some vendors that I have found so far, but I cant vouche for them.
Photography -
Catering - Culinarily Yours Catering -
- Yours Truly Catering (678)200-6930
Favors & Etc. - Ann's Bridal Bargains

Also google Craig's List Atlanta. A lot of people advertise on that site.

Also find out if anyone in your family has any talents.

Hope this helps. If you find any bargains, please share.